Why attend

Security professionals are tasked with the hardest job there is. When things are running smoothly, they are taken for granted. But when things go wrong, that is when they enter the spotlight. To ensure security in your enterprise, it is important to be educated about the latest trends in cyber threats and also have the right set of tools and processes in place in your security operations center.

An auditing tool like a SIEM solution can go a long way in helping you achieve network security. With SIEM, not only can you mitigate security threats but also ensure that your enterprise meets stringent compliance mandates. Our IT security product specialist Siddharth will help you get started with SIEM in this webinar and clarify all your queries in the live chat session.


  • The importance of auditing log data and having a SIEM tool for boosting your security operations
  • Setting up logging policies and centralizing the log data
  • Generating reports for internal audits as well as for meeting compliance mandates
  • Being alerted in real time for events that could pose a threat to security
  • Handling incidents with a streamlined incident management process
  • Forensic analysis and furnishing an incident report