Two-Part Webinar Series

Cybersecurity and IT Essentials Series:

The fundamentals of cloud access security broker (CASB)


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Enforce tighter cybersecurity measures and meet compliance demands.

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Protect your organization from cyber threats

Is complete cybersecurity a myth? There are multiple aspects you should monitor, analyze, and secure in order to achieve comprehensive cybersecurity, especially in a hybrid workplace. In our webinar series, our cybersecurity specialists will take you through all stages of cyber practices that can help you craft a cybersecurity strategy for your organization so you can detect and mitigate sophisticated cyberthreats efficiently.

How can you benefit from this series?

  • Learn about different attack vectors that might be used to target your organization and see how ManageEngine Log360 can help you prevent attacks.
  • Stay ahead of cyberattacks by following the best security policies and practices.

What can you learn from each session?

  • Session 1

    Improved security for a hybrid workplace

    1. The need for improved security
    2. What policies you should adopt.
    3. How a SIEM solution enhances your security posture.
    4. Best practices.
  • Session 2

    Threat detection and response in a hybrid workplace

    1. Vulnerabilities, threats, and anomalies to look out for
    2. Attack detection and mitigation made easy with a SIEM solution
    3. How to make the most of your SIEM solution

Who's the speaker?


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