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Digital Personal
Data Protection Bill:
What you need to know?


Raghav Iyer S,

Product expert


25 Minutes

Why watch this webinar?

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDPB) is all set to be implemented in India, and any organization that collects and stores personal data of an Indian citizen is bound to comply with its provisions. As this compliance comes into effect, organizations are becoming increasingly concerned about the intricacies of DPDPB and the consequences of non-compliance.

In this webinar, we will comprehensively cover the following key aspects:

  • Understanding DPDP Bill - It's scope and applicability
  • Key provisions and requirements
  • Who must comply with DPDP Bill
  • Challenges in complying with the DPDP Bill.
  • Consequences of non-compliance.
  • Data security best practices that will come in handy.

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