About the presenter

Andre Jonker is a Data Privacy and Information Security Consultant from Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. He is an EC-Council Certified CISO and holds an MSc. in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool.


With less than a year left for May 25, 2018, many organizations are scrambling to find ways to comply with the new GDPR mandate. Apart from the hefty compliance violation penalties, the GDPR's rules on data collection and processing make it one of the most stringent regulatory mandates.

This webinar from ManageEngine sheds light on the stringent requirements of the GDPR and the action plans that enterprises can possibly take to comply with this new mandate.

Join Andre and know about

  • GDPR's territorial scope
  • Personal data ownership as defined by the mandate
  • GDPR principles
  • Outsourcing accountability
  • Accidents and malice
  • Expanded data protection rights
  • GDPRtoolbelt