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Hardening Windows security: How to secure your organization

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  • Date and Time

    April 29 at 2 PM AEST | 3 PM BST | 10 AM EDT

  • Duration

    45 Mins

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    Product expert

Why attend this webinar?

Using removable drives or third-party software to carry out cyberattacks is now a thing of the past. Cybercriminals are exploiting trusted-off-the-shelf and and preinstalled system tools to carry out their attacks.

Attackers use living-off-the-land (LOTL) tactics to blend malicious activities in with legitimate and secure system processes (Windows binaries, built-in tools like PowerShell) to mask their activity and evade traditional defense measures.

In this webinar, you'll:

  • Learn what LOTL attacks are, and how attackers leverage LOTL tactics to stealthily perform attacks

  • See a hands-on demonstration of LOTL tactics in hybrid environments

  • Learn how to defend your organization against LOTL attacks by setting up detection mechanisms to spot malicious activity and send instant alerts

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