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Cybersecurity webinar series - IT security under attack

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"A single vulnerability is all an attacker needs"~ A cybersecurity saying that fits with the facts even till date. Security incidents frequently make the headlines, and it is always a surprise when the walls of highly protected infrastructures are breached. More often than not, when security attacks happen on organizations, investigative reports only reveal the less intrusive details, and avoid disclosing confidential information that may impact IT security.

Have you ever wondered about the precise happenings or behind the scenes of such incidents? Without sufficient information about the actual attack techniques used, the building a security program would be similar to the old parable of 'blind men and the elephant', where system administrators and security architects will be forced to build a defense strategy based on their own perception of reality.

Join us on this three day webinar series, where we will expose and explore the various tactics threat-actors use to intrude inside networks. We will delve into the vulnerabilities, configuration and administration mishaps on various, widely used IT infrastructures (such as Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, Windows-based environments,more) that can lead to security incidents, and therefore, build a defense strategy- by learning about the offense.


Day 1: Attacking Active Directory and Azure AD environments.

Day 2: Ten high-risk,must audit events in hybrid AD that can lead to a breach.

Day 3: Hardening Windows security by jeopardizing it.

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