In spite of having a firewall with well-defined rules to prevent attacks, IDS/IPS systems, anti-virus softwares and other defensive solutions in place, an unsuspecting user in your network might click on a malicious link using an outdated web browser and bring your entire network cluster down. What would you do in such cases? How would you effectively tackle the situation?

SIEM solution is the key. Join our webinar and get to know how you can leverage your security stack with SIEM solution's effective log monitoring, real-time alerting, event correlation and incident management capabilities.

  • Why the basic security stack configuration is not enough.
  • To prevent attacks you have to detect it first. To what extent can preventive solutions help you?
  • What is an SIEM solution and how it can leverage your network's security ?
  • How to detect potential threats and delegate incident reports.
  • How Log 360 helps secure your network.