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  • October 22, 23, 29 & 30 at 11 AM EDT
  • 45 mins
Session & Date
  • Session 1 October 22
  • Session 2 October 23
  • Session 3 October 29
  • Session 4 October 30

New features of ADManager Plus: Let's bring you up to speed

  • Back up and recover all AD objects
  • Get instant information on your Office 365 environment without scripts
  • Obtain granular insights into shared folder permissions
  • View logon-related information of help desk technicians
  • Dynamically assign workflow requests to an AD user object's manager
  • Enable, disable, and Enforce MFA for Office 365 accounts.

Presented by

Megha, Product Expert

Get the best out of ADSelfService Plus

  • Deploy two-factor authentication for applications and systems.
  • Allow users to perform self-password actions from Windows, macOs, and Linux systems.
  • Secure password self-service across devices with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Presented by

Sharada, Product Expert

Getting you up to speed with the latest features of ADAudit Plus

  • Delegate change auditing to technicians or users based on organizational units.
  • Analyze audit data of all configured domains in a single report to aid decision-making.
  • Use Active Directory risk assessment reports to understand your security posture.
  • Search and retrieve file audit data faster with the new DataEngine.
  • Smoothen out log collection over WAN by deploying a client-side software agent.
  • Detect malicious actions with new out-of-the-box alerts.
  • Stay on top of anomalous user behavior to prevent insider attacks.

Presented by

Ram, Product Expert

Improved capabilities to detect and mitigate security incidents 

  • Introduction to the Log360 UEBA add-on  
  • Developments in threat intelligence 
  • Automated incident response workflows
  • Out-of-the-box support for devices  
  • The road ahead 

Presented by

Sid, Product Expert


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