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Securing the hybrid transition: Extending on-premises AD to AWS

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Presented by Abi,Product expert
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    45 Mins

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Why watch this webinar?

If you're thinking of extending your on-premises Active Directory (AD) installation to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, then this webinar is for you. Companies of all shapes and sizes are now quickly adopting public cloud services alongside their on-premises AD infrastructures in 2020. AWS was the most widely adopted public cloud service among enterprises. With the benefits of saving on in-house infrastructure costs and increased accessibility, it won't be surprising to see companies move their entire workloads to the cloud in the forthcoming years.

However, if the extension to the cloud is not secure, it may leave exploitable gaps in your network. These gaps can compromise employee, partner, or customer privacy, and can jeopardize the security of sensitive business data.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • The critical steps involved in securely extending your on-premises AD to AWS.
  • The crucial components of your network, both on-premises and cloud, that must be secured to ensure a safe transition to a hybrid environment.
  • How to establish security checkpoints to monitor and audit your infrastructure around the clock to capture any lapses in security.

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