Why attend

An essential component of guarding your network against attacks is knowledge about the various bad actors out there and the methods they use. With millions of bad actors and ever-changing attack methods, it's impossible for an organization to continuously source the latest attack vectors and manage the relevant information about them. This information is usually available through third-party threat feeds; if you wish to access this information and use it to strengthen your network security, then you need an efficient threat intelligence and management system.

Threat intelligence and management systems source up-to-date information on attack vectors from multiple reliable threat feeds, use this information to instantly detect acts of intrusion from known malicious sources, and help you manage security incidents efficiently. In our webinar, our security expert will talk about effective threat intelligence and management practices that help you stop attacks at the earliest stages.


This webinar covers three stages of dealing with network threats and you can use Log360's host of network security features across these stages:

  • Step 1: Threat intelligence: Identifying potential threats.
    • Learning how to use threat feeds to detect external threats.
    • Understanding the importance of STIX and TAXII protocols.
  • Step 2: Threat analysis: Investigating and containing threats.
    • Tracing a threat actor's path through your network.
    • Ensuring accountability in resolving any detected incident.
    • Automating remediation using workflows.
  • Step 3: Enhancing network security.
    • Identifying and sealing security loopholes post threat analysis.
    • Integrating threat intelligence with other components.