Why attend

Network attacks don't have to be complex and intimidating anymore. Instead of wondering what hit you after your resources are breached, you can utilize event correlation to ward off attacks before they even happen. Whether it's a cryptojacking attack, malware installation, brute force attack, or a worm spreading through your network, event correlation helps you demystify even the most complex attacks.

Join our webinar to learn how this one technique can be used to catch an endless number of attacks before they breach your network. Our security expert will talk about how you can include event correlation in your security strategy, and stay one step ahead of attackers.


  • What is event correlation?
  • How event correlation works:
    • The components of a security incident.
    • What is a correlation rule?
    • Adding business context with field-level correlation.
  • How to include event correlation in your incident detection process.
  • Incident investigation with correlation reports.