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Enable smart, sustainable, and resilient manufacturing

Enable smart, sustainable, and resilient manufacturing

With the industry's increased focus on sustainability, manufacturing organizations need to ensure better process efficiency and minimize resource wastage across their value chain. IT can play a vital role in this.

By adopting a combination of AI-powered automation, IT security, and operations management solutions, you can:

  • Improve process efficiency

    Improve process efficiency

    Streamline and automate support, IT, and business processes with intelligent workflow automations.
  • Secure your IT and OT environment

    Secure your IT and OT environment

    Reduce the risk of cyberattacks by implementing cybersecurity controls for your IT and OT systems.
  • Scale your IT to meet your cloud ambitions

    Scale your IT to meet your cloud ambitions

    Enable seamless collaboration, visibility, and security across your multi-cloud and hybrid IT environments.
  • Deliver data-driven insights to your factory floors and HQ

    Deliver data-driven insights to your factory floors and HQ

    Convert data into actionable intelligence for your workforce, C-suite, and supply chain partners.

Drive your digital transformation initiatives
with IT solutions for manufacturers

Improve operational efficiency

Optimize IT infrastructure and operations, forecast demand to plan infrastructure needs, and equip your teams with the insights they need to build smarter, scalable factories.

Predict network performance and capacity to optimize resource allocation and cloud infrastructure expenses, and remotely control and manage IT assets to cut down on power consumption and expenses. Streamline and automate asset management, business processes, and IT workflows to save on time and improve margins.

Forecast infrastructure needs and purchase requirements and enable predictive maintenance to make your factories smarter and reduce unplanned production downtime.

Make manufacturing sustainable

Improve operational efficiency

Transform your operations

Make your digital factory smarter, faster, and more scalable by transforming your business and IT operations.

Enable your employees to work more efficiently by granting them access to data-driven insights via self-service analytics, facilitating remote work, and empowering them to create custom apps to meet their business needs—with no coding required.

Take control of and secure your cloud operations, and manufacture insights out of your raw data to improve operational efficiency.

Transform your factories

Transform your operations

Take control of your assets

Centrally manage and secure your IT assets, including laptops, smart devices, rugged devices, and industrial control systems (ICS), across your distributed locations.

Detect, prioritize, and patch vulnerabilities across OSs and third-party applications for all your assets, remotely. Monitor endpoint telemetry to automatically detect, verify, and shut down ransomware attacks before they bring production to a halt.

Enforce organizational security policies on all endpoints including handheld devices. Ensure the safety of proprietary data by using geo-fencing to disable device cameras and other functions within sensitive areas or to restrict the usage of corporate devices to your premises alone.

Control your endpoints Deploy anti-ransomware solutions Manage rugged devices

Take control of your assets

Secure your organization

Give your SOC the tools needed to augment its capabilities and secure your business more effectively.

Secure your network, identities, data, and endpoints, including your ICS, with dedicated, easy-to-integrate cybersecurity solutions. Automate security detection and response with AI-powered security tools.

Adopt a Zero Trust security model to overcome challenges posed by evolving cloud and hybrid-cloud IT environments. Enable trust scoring with policy-based access control, least privilege, and just-in-time privilege elevation to begin your journey towards an identity-centric Zero Trust implementation.

Secure your factories Explore Zero Trust

Secure your organization

Keep your factories online

Empower your IT teams with AIOps-enabled IT operations management tools to predict and prevent network issues before they impact your operations.

Prevent network downtime with predictive analytics and anomaly detection, reduce MTTR with root-cause analysis, automate fixes to common issues, and predict future network resource requirements with historical analysis and forecasting.

Simplify network monitoring Explore on-premises AIOps Discover AIOps in the cloud

Keep your factories online

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