The digitization of the manufacturing sector, and the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies, have enabled manufacturers to optimize production, transform their value chain, and produce great customer experiences. As the industry adopts newer technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), and other strategies, manufacturers need to find effective ways to monitor and manage their production environments, supply chain, and service desks. Manufacturing IT teams need to be able to:

  • Manage and monitor their production line, and endpoints, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, to optimize production and mitigate risks.
  • Enable and control secure remote access to onsite operations for employees and partners.
  • Protect plant equipment, organization endpoints, sensitive business data, and more against internal and external threats.
  • Ensure seamless support for customers and internal users alike at every step in the value chain.
  • Monitor networks comprised of thousands of devices in real time, and ensure uninterrupted network availability.
  • Manage privileged access to critical equipment, data, and other assets to ensure that only the right people receive the right level of access to sensitive resources.
  • Maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive business data by safeguarding it from internal and external threats.
  • Analyze the vast amount of production, consumer, and other data to gain visibility and insights into the entire supply chain—from supply to distribution.

IT solutions for the manufacturing industry

Our comprehensive suite of on-premises and cloud-based IT management solutions for the manufacturing industry will help you overcome IT obstacles, and enhance your productivity.

Managing and securing devices

The adoption of new technologies as part of the Industry 4.0 revolution has added new complexities to every manufacturer's IT environment. IIOT, remote access, cloud solutions, BYOD, and more, have introduced a diverse variety of devices into their network. This diversity in device hardware, software, and locations, makes managing and securing enterprise endpoints a challenging task.

ManageEngine's suite of unified endpoint management and security (UEMS) solutions helps manufacturing IT teams overcome these challenges, and manage and secure all their devices from a central console. Our solutions enable them to:

  • Monitor and manage all software and hardware assets within the network, irrespective of their location.
  • Configure, manage and secure all endpoints, including mobile devices, centrally using unified endpoint management.
  • Enable mobility to increase workforce productivity.
  • Remotely view or take control of the endpoints to identify and fix issues in real time.
  • Apply power schemes, shut down inactive devices, and generate system up-time reports to track consumption, and ensure efficient power management.
  • Identify and fix security misconfigurations, and remove high-risk software from all endpoints in the network.
  • Protect the production environment against cyberattacks with automated patching, application blacklisting, and more.

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Smart ITSM solutions for higher education - ManageEngine

Ensuring uninterrupted network access

In the age of connected customers and IOT devices, uninterrupted network availability is crucial to a manufacturer's daily operations. Unplanned network downtime, or crashes in critical applications, can disrupt operations and affect the customers' perception of an organization.

ManageEngine's IT operations management (ITOM) solutions help IT teams visualize their entire Industry 4.0 network, and monitor and manage every network entity with ease. Our solutions enable them to:

  • Configure, track, and manage network configurations using network configuration automation, and schedule automatic configuration backups.
  • Monitor the performance and availability of both IT and operations technology (OT) entities, including production equipment, sensors, servers and other distributed network entities.
  • Leverage artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) to prevent unplanned downtime by proactively identifying and resolving potential network issues.
  • Track and monitor network bandwidth to detect network slowdowns, SLA issues, security anomalies, and more.
  • Automate first level network fault troubleshooting steps and ongoing maintenance tasks.
  • Alert IT teams and engineers to issues in the IT/OT environment through multiple-channels, and ensure easy troubleshooting with detailed root cause analysis.

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Manage access to sensitive resources

There are several ways a manufacturer can be breached, ranging from stolen credentials to careless or malicious internal users. The need for outsourcing and close collaboration between vendors and third-party consultants increases this risk several fold. IT teams are required to provide these external users remote access to sensitive assets, while ensuring the security of their network and data.

ManageEngine's identity and access management (IAM) solutions allow manufacturing IT teams to easily manage, monitor, and secure remote and privileged access for internal and external users. Our solutions enable them to:

  • Discover privileged accounts across the network and secure them in a centrally managed AES-256 encrypted vault.
  • Regulate access to remote systems for IT admins, technicians, consultants, and other privileged users through secure channels from a central console.
  • Provide secure remote access to internal and external users without revealing account passwords.
  • Use AI and machine learning (ML)-driven anomaly detection to track unusual and potentially harmful privileged user activity.
  • Mitigate password-related security risks while ensuring frictionless access using multi-factor authentication and single-sign-on.
  • Streamline user lifecycle management by automating routine tasks like cleaning up inactive, or expired accounts.

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IT management solutions for educational institutions - ManageEngine

Protect your production environment

The digital transformation of the manufacturing industry has brought the worlds of IT and OT together, providing new avenues for growth. Connecting production equipment to the Internet enables manufacturers to streamline logistics, offer mass customization, and more. However, it also makes the production environment vulnerable to cyberattacks.

ManageEngine's security information and event monitoring (SIEM) solutions provide manufacturing IT teams the capability to proactively detect threats and respond to security incidents across the organization. Our solutions enable them to:

  • Identify and react to threats with dynamic threat intelligence and real-time threat detection.
  • Detect unusual activity in the network using ML and AI powered user entity and behavior analytics (UEBA).
  • Expose insider threats, account compromise, and data exfiltration using UEBA enabled threat corroboration.
  • Mitigate external threats by auditing network devices, database and application servers, vulnerability scanners, and threat intelligence solutions.
  • Audit critical changes and activities in their Active Directory, Microsoft 365 installation, Exchange Servers, and the cloud, in real time.

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Safeguard organizational data

Manufacturers are increasingly under attack from cybercriminals seeking to steal trade secrets, customer information, and other sensitive data. The loss or leakage of this data could adversely affect an organization's reputation and competitive edge.

ManageEngine's data security solution helps IT teams ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data. Our solution enables them to:

  • Protect data at rest, in use, and in motion by providing a unified platform for data visibility and security.
  • Discover files containing sensitive personal data, analyze their permissions, and ensure that they are sufficiently secured.
  • Monitor all critical files, folders, and shares in real time, and receive instant alerts on unauthorized changes in sensitive files.
  • Spot indicators of ransomware attacks using threshold-based, real-time alert profiles, and quarantine infected machines using preconfigured or custom scripts.
  • Prevent data leaks via endpoints using a combination of user prompts, USB blocking, file copy prevention, and more.

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Proactive solutions to secure campus IT - ManageEngine
IT analytics with higher-education IT solutions - ManageEngine

Improve service delivery, ensure customer delight

Equipment malfunctions and delays in responding to service requests can cost manufacturers both their money and reputation. Unplanned downtime affects production schedules, leading to losses. Slow, ineffective ticket resolutions negatively affect customer satisfaction. To compete in the era of IOT and servitization, manufacturers need to ensure swift resolution of all tickets, from internal service requests to customer inquiries.

ManageEngine's enterprise service management (ESM) provide manufacturers with rapid-start enterprise service desk capabilities that allow them to manage service delivery across business functions from a single platform. Our solutions enable them to:

  • View the entire supply chain, and automate supplier interactions, including purchases and maintenance contracts.
  • Automate preventive maintenance and other repetitive tasks with automatic task creation, and detect and resolve issues before they result in downtime.
  • Improve productivity and the end-user experience by extending service desk capabilities on the same platform to HR, finance, and other service delivery areas.
  • Increase service desk efficiency and eliminate repetitive manual tasks using advanced workflows and automation.
  • Reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction rates with Zia, a conversational AI assistant and support agent.
  • Deliver personalized service to every customer by configuring account-specific automations, SLAs, knowledge base, reports, and more.

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Extract insights with advanced analytics

Modern factories and supply chains generate a vast amount of data every day. Analyzing the historical and real-time data generated by their value chain can enable manufacturers to predict and mitigate downtime, improve operations, optimize production, and increase their revenue.

ManageEngine's advanced IT analytics solution integrates seamlessly with several popular IT applications and offers prebuilt reports and dashboards to help manufacturers get started with analytics right away. Our solution enables them to:

  • Blend data from various sources and use predictive analytics to forecast supply chain issues, potential equipment failures, and more.
  • Optimize production and supply chain operations in real time using prescriptive analytics.
  • Carry out diagnostic analytics using historical data to identify the root cause of production inefficiencies, shipment delays, inventory shortages, and more.
  • Track and respond to critical events easily with threshold-based alerts that notify stakeholders through multiple channels when a threshold is breached.
  • Utilize a built-in AI assistant to allow technical and non-technical users to receive instant visual responses to voice and text-based questions.

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