Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ManageEngine Marketplace?

ManageEngine Marketplace is an online store where ManageEngine users can find and install ready-to-use extensions that expand the core functionality of their ManageEngine products. Learn more.

What are extensions?

Extensions are installable entities or ready-to-use integrations that let you do more with your ManageEngine products by connecting them with a third-party product. They provide feature enhancements, integration with other apps, and many other special capabilities.

Are extensions safe to use?

Yes, all the extensions in ManageEngine Marketplace are thoroughly verified by our team and are reliable to use.

How do extensions work with my ManageEngine product?

Extensions are packaged code customized and designed to run inside ManageEngine products. They facilitate seamless functioning with third-party products.

Who can use ManageEngine Marketplace extensions?

Extensions on ManageEngine Marketplace are only compatible with ManageEngine products, so you'll need to be a ManageEngine customer to use them.

How do I install an extension from ManageEngine Marketplace?

To install an extension, you will need admin rights. If you are an admin user within your ManageEngine product, simply find your desired extension, click the "Install" button on the ManageEngine Marketplace page, and follow the on-screen instructions. If you don't have admin rights, contact a user in your organization who does and ask them to follow these instructions.

Will anyone in my organization be able to install or uninstall an extension?

Only users with admin privileges can install or uninstall an extension.

What are the benefits of using ManageEngine Marketplace extensions?

The extensions from ManageEngine Marketplace will enable you to create an agile, integrated business and help your teams do their best work effortlessly—all without writing a single line of code.

  • Improve your customer experiences.
  • Automate tasks and processes.
  • Break data silos.
  • Enhance tracking and ROI.
  • Optimize workflows.
  • Collaborate better.
  • Boost productivity.

How do I build an extension?

You can build your extension using the extension builder. Add components to the extensions to incorporate various features and functionalities specific to your business or organization.

I have built an extension. What should I do next?

After building an extension, you can either use it for your internal business purposes or list it on our marketplace for wider exposure, allowing you to sell to other businesses like yours.

I am in the process of building an extension and got stuck. Can I get support from the developers to complete my building process?

Absolutely! Our technical support staff is available to help you build your extension. Feel free to write to and we'll get your questions answered.

How do I list my extension in ManageEngine Marketplace?

The process of listing an extension in the Marketplace is simple:

  1. Sign up to become a Marketplace Partner
  2. Access the Partner Console from the My Accounts drop-down in the top-right corner of the ManageEngine Marketplace home page.
  3. Submit your extension with the necessary details in the Apps section.
  4. The review team will contact you to see a demo and proceed with the approval process.

The entire process consists of functional and security testing as well as content review. This will take an average of two to three weeks.

Is there any fee to develop extensions?

We will never charge a fee for extension development. We strongly believe that the technology we provide can actually change the way businesses work. For this to happen, partnership has to be affordable.

How long does it take to list a submitted extension?

Before listing, an application undergoes four levels of review to ensure its integrity, validity, and functionality. Submitted extensions must meet specified content and design guidelines to be approved by our testing team before they are published. The entire process usually takes about two to three weeks.

How do I optimize my ManageEngine Marketplace listing? Are there any specific formats or dimensions I must adhere to?

We have put together a style guide to ensure your extension can be easily found by users. These are carefully designed guidelines created so that your extension can be quickly located using relevant tags, keywords, and features.

How can customers find my listing?

There are several ways a customer can find your app.

  • They may use keywords to search or browse using categories. They may also choose to click on a tag that they find relevant.
  • They may discover your listing by sorting results by rating or new releases, or by visiting your vendor profile page.
  • They may also discover your listing through search engines such as Google or Bing, or through social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter.