Business Level Application Management Solution Based on Open Standards

With the growth of enterprise applications on application servers and networked infrastructure, the need to monitor and manage these applications is growing.  For applications driving key business processes, enterprises need to manage the applications as well as the underlying infrastructure.  One of the major challenges to managing these applications has been the difficulty of instrumenting these applications for management.

The Java Management Extensions (JMX) standard provides new and simpler ways of making applications manageable, while integrating with existing management tools using SNMP, HTTP, CIM, etc.  Furthermore, the meta-data embedded in J2EE and web services applications, allows tools to automate JMX instrumentation, and integrate with existing management consoles.  This makes JMX a great fit for application management  that is designed into the application architecture.

ManageEngine Solution

Standards-based Application Management with ManageEngine

ManageEngine suite of tools provide the best way to integrate JMX management into your application architecture.  This allows applications to be easily managed for performance and other management needs, including application control and business-level metrics.  Most available management products focus on consoles for performance management, with limited application visibility.  With ManageEngine, the open, standards-based tools allow you to customize management of your applications to meet your business needs.

The ManageEngine suite includes a JMX Studio tool for instrumenting applications, as well as an applications management tool called ManageEngine Applications Manager for monitoring custom applications that are JMX or SNMP aware, web servers, application servers (WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat, JBoss), database servers (Oracle, MySQL), systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris) and services that make up your business environment.