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Simplifying Microsoft 365 security and management


Presented by

Anupriya, Product expert

Date and Time Nov 22, 23 and 24 at 11:30 AM IST
Duration 45 Mins



Workshop agenda

  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3

Geo-tag your audit logs with M365 Manager Plus

Auditing, when done right, can help you prevent internal attacks and data theft in your organization. You just need the right hacks and some simple techniques to make the most out of your audit information. M365 Manager Plus, a web-based tool used to report on, audit, manage, monitor and automate Microsoft 365, offers geo-location and business hours options to make auditing efficient.

In this workshop, learn:

  • How to use geo-location feature to scrutinize user logon locations.
  • About business hours option to track irregular and doubtful logons.
  • To organize audits reports for easier and efficient access.
  • To integrate M365 Manager Plus with SIEM tools for analyzing audit information.

Virtual tenant creation and delegation using M365 Manager Plus

As a Microsoft 365 admin, do you feel the need to have some extra flexibility while delegating administration and reporting tasks to technicians and managing tenants? M365 Manager Plus, a web-based tool used to report on, audit, manage, monitor and automate Microsoft 365, offers simple solutions that makes delegation easier.

In this workshop, learn to:

  • Create virtual tenants to have selective and focused control.
  • Customize help desk roles to prevent privilege escalation.
  • Assign custom roles to different technicians to achieve maximum flexibility.
  • Audit admin and technician activities. Hold everyone accountable.

Simplify bulk user provisioning in Microsoft 365 with custom templates

Are you exhausted by the user provisioning and license assignment processes in Microsoft 365? Want to reduce the time you spend on help desk activities and concentrate on other security aspects? M365 Manager Plus, a web-based tool used to report on, audit, manage, monitor and automate Microsoft 365, offers just the right solution.

In this workshop learn to:

  • Simplify user provisioning by creating custom templates for the process.
  • Partially automate the onboarding process by using rules to auto-populate fields.
  • Manage departments or offices efficiently instead of just individual users.
  • Use CSV files to perform bulk user management actions easily.

Security use cases and customization of Log360

  • Detecting advanced persistent threats in your network using Log360
  • Remediating attacks using the built-in incident response module
  • Detecting user anomalies with UEBA: Use case demonstration
  • Customizing reports, alerts, and incident workflows in Log360
  • Customizing dashboards and views to simplify security monitoring
  • Creating user roles and enabling multi-factor authentication in Log360

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