With M365 Manager Plus you can view audit reports with ease. It provides individual audit report for every possible activity inside the Microsoft 365 setup. All the audit reports can be scheduled and exported to PDF, XLS, CSV, or HTML format. M365 Manager Plus provides audit reports for the following Microsoft 365 services:

Note: Since Microsoft has retired support for auditing Microsoft Sway activities, the audit and alert profiles for Microsoft Sway in M365 Manager Plus will be deprecated. Old audit reports will be made available in the product until the end of March 2021.

How to

Prerequisite: Before adding an audit profile, please ensure that auditing is enabled.

To create an audit profile

Note: In the Filter By Column section, the attribute Target refers to the object on which the action must be performed, and Caller refers to the object which performs the action.

To generate audit data

To view audit data

To export audit reports

To generate print view

To customize export data

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