Help Desk Delegation

With M365 Manager Plus, you can create your own custom roles with selected tasks to delegate, while in Microsoft 365 you are restricted to the default roles. You can select any combination of reporting, management, and auditing tasks to create your own role.

Steps to create a custom help desk role

Delegate a help desk role to technician

A role can be assigned to either an already existing help desk technician or you can create a new technician and then assign the relevant role to the technician.

Adding help desk technicians

Help Desk Technicians in M365 Manager Plus assist administrators in executing simple, mundane tasks that do not require the expertise of an administrator.

Add Help Desk Technicians by following the steps below:

  • Only Microsoft 365 and Active Directory users can be added as technicians.
  • Admin, operator, hrassociate, and helpdesk are the default technicians provided in the product. You can only modify and delete those technicians. Once deleted these technicians can't be restored.
  • While configuring MFA enabled / Federated accounts as technicians, make sure that Rest API based authentication is enabled. Click here to know how.
  • If you have any queries or need more clarification, please contact

To delegate roles to an existing technician

Steps to delegate domains to an existing technician(Disabled virtual tenant delegation)

Steps to delegate domains to an existing technician(Enabled virtual tenant delegation)

  1. Create a virtual tenant with the domains to be delegated.
    • Go to the Settings tab.
    • Navigate to Configuration → Other Configuration → Virtual Tenants
    • Click on Create Virtual Tenant.
    • Provide a name for the virtual tenant to be created, and choose the Microsoft 365 tenant in which it must be created.
    • In the Filter by section, select 'Domains' and 'In' from the available drop-down lists respectively.
    • In the text box select the domains using the + option.
    • Click Save
  2. Delegate the virtual tenant created above to the technicians
    • Go to Delegation tab.
    • Select Help Desk Delegation → Help Desk Technician in the left pane.
    • Select Edit Technician in the Actions column corresponding to the technician you want to edit.
    • In the Delegates to page, select the Virtual Tenants you had created from the Virtual tenant drop-down.
    • Click Save Changes.

Steps to copy a help desk technician

Steps to export the list of configured help desk technicians

Steps to mail the list of configured help desk technicians

Steps to print the list of configured help desk technicians

Steps to modify description in the list of configured help desk technicians

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