The Dashboard tab in M365 Manager Plus shows a graphical representation of various reports in the form of dashboard tiles and widgets. The entire dashboard of M365 Manager Plus can be customized to show your preferred tiles and widgets. It can also be embedded to another webpage or viewed separately in a browser tab.

The dashboard supports two viewing modes. The default view mode will provide a glimpse of the overall functioning of your Microsoft 365 environment while the usage view mode shows the user activities performed daily in various Microsoft 365 services.

Dashboard tiles

Dashboard tiles provide a quick view of license usage, password expiration, group memberships, and more. The tiles are customizable and allow you take action in a single click. For example, the password expiration tile shows the number of passwords that have expired and those that will be expiring in a week's time. Clicking on this tile will help you reset the expired passwords and notify users of their soon-to-expire passwords to prevent password expiration.

To manage the dashboard tiles

Dashboard widgets

Reports such as mailbox sizes, top malware recipients, admin activities, and more can be added as widgets to your dashboard to provide a graphical summary. These widgets can be exported as images, embedded to another webpage, or even viewed separately in a browser tab.

To add a new report to be displayed in the dashboard

To delete a widget from the dashboard

To embed the dashboard to a webpage/ access the dashboard independently from a browser

To embed a widget in the dashboard to a webpage or to view it independently from a browser

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