Microsoft 365 Monitoring

With M365 Manager Plus, you can monitor the health and performance of Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Skype for business, and ten other Microsoft 365 services, all from a single console.

Service Health Monitoring

In the Monitoring tab, you can view the health status of all the Microsoft 365 services in a single window. The total count of advisories, incidents, and healthy services in your Microsoft 365 setup is shown in the top right corner.

The table in the All Service Health page lists all the Microsoft 365 services being used and the number of incidents or advisories in each service. Click the View Details option found in the corresponding rows to get complete details on the service issues.

Use the Overview option found in the left pane to view the graphical representation of health and performance status of services for quick understanding.

Endpoint Health Monitoring

Under Monitoring tab, in the left pane you can choose the necessary service and select Endpoints to view the health and performance statistics of corresponding endpoints. The endpoint health details are displayed in a graphical as well as tabular format.

Health Status Response Time Status Code
Incident More than 2s 500 to 599
Advisory 1s to 2s 400 to 499
Healthy Less than 1s 200 to 399

Steps to create a monitoring profile

Steps to disable a monitoring profile

Note: To enable a monitoring profile, in step 3, select disable icon option.

Steps to edit a monitoring profile

Steps to delete a monitoring profile

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