Schedule Report

M365 Manager Plus allows you to schedule general reports, audit profiles, alert profiles, and monitoring profiles.

This section shows you how to:

Note: Before proceeding to create, modify, or delete a scheduler please go to the Reports/Audit/Alert/Monitoring tab, based on the scheduler you need to work on. For example, go to the Reports tab to create/modify/delete a general report scheduler, go to the Audit tab to create/modify/delete an audit profile scheduler, and so on.

To create a scheduler

Attribute Description
Schedule Report Frequency Scheduled to Run
Schedule Report Format Export As
Email Notification Notification Settings
Select Reports Select a report from the list of all Available Reports that you wish to schedule under the given Scheduler Name.
Scheduled to Run The Selected Reports can be scheduled on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. Using the custom option you can define your own custom frequency at which the scheduler must be run.
Export As The Scheduled Reports can be stored in PDF, XLSX, HTML, or CSV formats. They are stored at the File Storage Path, which can be modified by clicking on the File Storage Path link. When the storage path is changed, you can opt to move all the previously scheduled reports to the new location.
Notification Settings The scheduled report can be e-mailed by selecting either Notify all reports or Notify each report individually and then selecting a Notification Template for the same.

Modify an existing scheduler

Delete an existing scheduler

Copy an existing scheduler

Share an existing scheduler

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