Steps to modify REST API permissions

Though we suggest providing all the recommended permissions, organizational requirements may not allow this. In this section, you will learn how to modify the REST API permissions for an already configured tenant. If you are looking for a way to configure a tenant with only the permissions you require, please configure it manually.

Prerequisite: The tenant has been successfully configured in M365 Manager Plus and REST API is enabled for it.

  1. Log in to the Azure AD admin center.
  2. Click Azure Active Directory from the left pane.
  3. Choose App registration under Manage.
  4. Select All applications.
  5. Steps to modify REST API permissions

  6. Search for the application name from step 7 of the previous section and click it.
  7. Select API Permissions under Manage.
  8. Choose Microsoft Graph.
  9. Steps to modify REST API permissions

  10. Click expand all to view all the permissions already granted to this application.
  11. Add, remove, or modify permissions as per your requirements.
  12. Click Update permissions.
  13. Steps to modify REST API permissions

  14. Select the Grant admin consent for domain_name option found at the top of the permissions table.
  15. Choose Yes in the box that appears.
  16. Steps to modify REST API permissions

  17. You have now successfully modified the permissions required by the REST API application.

Steps to modify a Microsoft 365 tenant

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