How to protect your C-suite from whale phishing attacks. 

In recent news, an entrepreneur on Forbes' list of "Africa's 30 under 30" allegedly stole $11 million from Unatrac Ltd., a global distributor of Caterpillar equipment, by carrying out a phishing attack on one very high-profile victim—the company’s own CFO.

This is one example of how successful whale phishing attacks can be. Top executives are highly vulnerable to whaling campaigns, and are more likely to fall victim compared to other employees. Successful whale phishing campaigns can result in wire transfers of enormous sums, loss of valuable intellectual property or sensitive business information, and more. 

In this e-book, we discuss how whaling attacks are carried out, and how to protect your organization’s C-suite from such attacks.

In this e-book, we'll cover:

  • What whale phishing is, and how it's done.
  • A recent case study.
  • How to protect your C-suite from whale phishing.

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