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Microsoft 365 license management

If not managed properly, Microsoft 365 licenses can significantly add to a company’s overhead. It's necessary to understand user requirements before assigning employees licenses, and to keep an eye on inactive users and unused Microsoft 365 licenses to optimize license management. Each employee's usage of Microsoft 365 services and applications will differ based on the nature of their work, and some may not use Microsoft 365 at all.

For example, the finance department may not need Skype for Business as much as they need Exchange Online or OneDrive for Business. On the other hand, support personnel rely heavily on Skype for Business as they need to connect with clients, but will probably never touch something like Power BI.

Unlike the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, M365 Manager Plus helps add, remove, and change Microsoft 365 licenses in bulk, without having to use PowerShell scripts.

Microsoft 365 license management with M365 Manager Plus

With M365 Manager Plus' built-in license reports, admins can find inactive mailboxes, stale Microsoft 365 licenses, unlicensed users, and other details in a single click. These reports come in handy for efficient Microsoft 365 license management.

Use case 1: Removing licenses of inactive Microsoft 365 users

Idle Microsoft 365 users still consume Microsoft 365 licenses, adding to business costs. Using the management module in M365 Manager Plus' Inactive Mailboxes report, admins can find idle user accounts and remove their licenses.

    • Go to the Reports tab → General Mailbox reports → Inactive Mailboxes. Export M365 Manager Plus' Inactive Mailboxes Report as a CSV file.
    • Navigate to the Management tab → License Management → License Modification. Upload the CSV file to remove the inactive users’ Microsoft 365 licenses in a single click.

Use case 2: Adding Microsoft 365 licenses to unlicensed users

Admins can find users who don't have an Microsoft 365 license with the Unlicensed Users Report. Using the advanced filter option, it’s easy to identify users based on their job title, department, city, and other attributes, and then add the Microsoft 365 licenses they need.

    • Go to the Reports tab → License Reports → Unlicensed Users. Export M365 Manager Plus' Unlicensed Users Report as a CSV file.
    • Upload the CSV file in the License Modification module to assign the required licenses.

As you can see in the image above, admins can also enable or disable the services offered by Microsoft 365 licenses based on which services employees actually need.

Bulk user creation with licenses

When recruitment season kicks in, admins will need to provision accounts for many employees at once. Unlike native Microsoft 365, which forces admins to create user accounts and then assign licenses to each user individually, M365 Manager Plus allows admins to simultaneously create user accounts in bulk and add Microsoft 365 licenses to the new accounts.

Bulk Microsoft 365 license removal

When Microsoft 365 licenses have to be removed in bulk from employees leaving the organization, or from current employees who don't need licenses anymore, admins can create a CSV file with the names of these users and upload it in the License Modification page. M365 Manager Plus will parse through the CSV file and remove the Microsoft 365 licenses of those users, so their old licenses can be reassigned to users that need them.

M365 Manager Plus License Reports

  • License Details
  • License by Service
  • Licensed Users by Service Status
  • Licensed Users
  • Unlicensed Users
  • Licensed Mailboxes
  • Unlicensed Mailboxes
  • Soon to Expire Licenses
  • Recently Modified Licenses
  • Licensed Groups
  • Groups Without Licenses
  • Licensed Group Members
  • Stale Microsoft 365 Licenses
  • User License Assignment Details
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