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Organizations across the world are rapidly adopting Microsoft 365 thanks to the advantages it offers. Unfortunately, there are various shortcomings in the management and security related features Microsoft 365 supports. To make up for Microsoft 365's shortcomings, organizations need a third-party tool that improves security and compliance, simplifies Exchange Online and Azure AD management, and makes it simple to perform Microsoft 365 migrations.

ManageEngine provides a couple of options for taking care of your Microsoft 365 migration and post-implementation requirements. ManageEngine's PST Migration Tool helps organizations easily migrate to Microsoft 365, while ManageEngine M365 Manager Plus simplifies Microsoft 365 management, enhances security, and ensures adherence to compliance standards.


Microsoft 365 migration

The most critical question when it comes to Microsoft 365 migration is how can an organization effectively migrate from an existing traditional setup to Microsoft 365?

PST Migration Tool is a free application offered by ManageEngine that migrates your mailboxes from an on-premises setup to Microsoft 365. This solution also lets you migrate your inbox, contacts, and calendar from an old Microsoft 365 mailbox to a new one. The best part about this tool is that all of these actions can be done without writing complex PowerShell scripts, nor does it require elevated permissions. Using our tool, you only have to export data from Exchange Server and Exchange Online as PST files and import these files to Exchange Online.

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Microsoft 365 management

M365 Manager Plus provides comprehensive capabilities for Exchange Online and Azure AD management.

Exchange Online

  • Mailbox management: Manage mailbox litigation hold settings, permission settings, address list changes, mailbox feature settings, and more.
  • Public folder management: Mail-enable, mail-disable, or delete public folders in bulk.
  • Contacts management: Alter contact attribute values in bulk.

Azure AD

  • User management: Block, unblock, delete, and restore users in bulk; reset passwords; edit users' contacts, addresses, and manager attributes; and more.
  • Group management: Create Microsoft 365 security and distribution groups in bulk, modify groups in bulk, manage group membership, and more.
  • Contact management: Create and modify contacts in bulk.
  • License management: Modify licenses in bulk.
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Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 admins face several challenges while maintaining data privacy and preventing data breaches. M365 Manager Plus ensures maximum security for your Microsoft 365 environment with the following features:

  • Email security: Protect confidential information by tracking mailbox access by non-owners as well as who has accessed which mailboxes.
  • Access control: Monitor user and admin logon activities, including successful and failed logon attempts, to ensure only authorized users are accessing your Microsoft 365 environment. Enhance security by configuring multi-factor authentication for your Microsoft 365 users.
  • Secure administration: Monitor all Azure and Exchange admin activities as well as audit Microsoft 365 admin role changes.
  • Secure data transfers: Audit file access and sharing in OneDrive for Business, and monitor activities in other productivity apps such as Microsoft Teams, Sway, Power BI, and Yammer.
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Microsoft 365 compliance

Organizations have to implement various control methods to comply with different industry mandates. M365 Manager Plus keeps tabs on all user and admin activities in your Microsoft 365 environment, so you can comply with regulatory mandates such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, and FISMA. For detailed compliance reporting, we've compiled checklists of the required control methods for some of the most important compliance mandates.

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Is your ROI from Microsoft 365 living up to your expectations? Are you spending too much on important routine tasks such as creating user accounts, retrieving audit logs, generating reports, and monitoring service health?

You can now calculate your current Microsoft 365 spending and compare it with the savings that you'd accrue by implementing M365 Manager Plus.

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