Microsoft 365 auditing: Perks of using M365 Security Plus

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Manage and Secure Microsoft 365 with M365 Security Plus

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Tracking every user action and keeping tabs on all the changes being made in your organization is auditing. You might need these audit logs for various security and compliance purposes. Microsoft 365 encompasses multiple services like Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. Monitoring every service and maintaining logs about activities that happen every day is a very tedious task. It is wise to choose specialized tools for this purpose. M365 Security Plus, a Microsoft 365 auditing, alerting, and monitoring tool, offers a range of advantages over the native Microsoft 365 tool in various aspects mentioned below.

Why choose M365 Security Plus?

  • Indefinite audit log storage

    In Microsoft 365, there are limits on the time during which you can retrieve historical data based on the type of license used. In M365 Security Plus, you can store audit logs for an indefinite period of time and retrieve them easily as and when required.

  • Automated auditing

    M365 Security Plus fetches audit logs for all Microsoft 365 services simultaneously. It presents fetched logs in the report along with graphs and charts.

  • Granular filtering

    In native Microsoft 365, you can only filter logs based on certain attributes. With M365 Security Plus, filter your logs based on any attribute and perform multi-valued searches using several combinations of condition filters.

  • Customizable views

    In M365 Security Plus, you can create your own custom views to see filtered or summarized data. You can also filter the summarized data. Add customizations to the audit dashboards and display the snippets in your websites.

  • Auditing outside business hours

    Microsoft 365 doesn't support restricted timeframe auditing, but M365 Security Plus lets you retrieve audit details based on business hours or a specific period of time. Configure business hours to note the activities happening outside the set time period.

  • Data export options

    Export the generated audit logs in four different formats: HTML, CSV, PDF, and XLSX. In the native tool, only CSV format is supported.

  • Audit schedules

    Schedule customized audit profiles that run automatically and send reports in the desired format via email to the stakeholders at regular time intervals.

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