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Device lockdown that doesn't compromise on security or features

Flexible lockdown options:

  • Lock down devices to a single app or designated set of apps.
  • Automatically install chosen apps on devices.
  • Leverage the autonomous single app mode to automate device lockdown.
  • Deploy web shortcuts like kiosk portals and open them on a function-restricted browser.
  • Run apps in the background to meet app or network dependencies.

Customize home screen and other functions:

  • Set wallpapers to align them with your branding needs.
  • Set screen orientation, icon size and order, and font color for better usability.
  • Organize apps and web shortcuts in folders, and dock the most used apps.
  • Choose to display status bars and heads-up notifications.

Secured device lockdown:

  • Mandate secret gesture and password to exit kiosk mode.
  • Deploy a custom settings app with network, display, battery optimization, and language settings.
  • Restrict access to the Task Manager to prevent unauthorized exits.
  • Restrict use of volume, power, and back buttons on devices.
  • Devices stay locked down post reboot or app crashes.

Exhaustive restrictions and data loss prevention policies to secure corporate data

  • Devices
  • Data
  • Apps and email
  • Network
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    • Enforce passwords and OS updates, and apply encryption policies for devices and SD cards.
    • Detect and deprovision rooted and jailbroken devices.
    • Configure geofencing to apply security actions based on device location.
    • Locate, raise alarms on, lock, and reset devices when misplaced or lost.
    • Enforce enterprise factory reset protection to render device useless to unauthorized users who reset the device.
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    • Prevent sharing data between managed and unmanaged apps, even through clipboards.
    • Distribute and manage files with built-in policies to curb sharing.
    • Force viewing distributed content and email attachments on a native viewer.
    • Prevent back up of corporate data to third-party cloud services.
    • Control internet traffic of devices outside the corporate firewall by configuring global proxy settings and URL filtering.
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    Apps and email

    • Block malicious and non-essential apps for better security and productivity.
    • Employ conditional access for Zoho and Microsoft apps including email.
    • Prevent installation of apps from unknown sources and uninstallation of corporate apps.
    • Block transfer of corporate emails to personal accounts.
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    • Configure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and USB restrictions.
    • Force VPN use for predefined apps and webpages with per-app VPN.
    • Enhance data privacy by configuring S/MIME to encrypt email traffic in transit.
    • Push security and authentication certificates to devices in bulk using SCEP.

Users believe Mobile Device Manager Plus outvalues competitors

    • Mobile Device Manager Plus
    • Industry average*
    • Overall
    • Features
    • Ease for use
    • Customer Support
    • Value
    • Positive reviews
    • 98%
    • 85%
    • Willingness to recommend
    • 100%
    • 90%
* Seven prominent vendors (excluding Mobile Device Manager Plus) were considered to calculate the average. The ratings were taken from GetApp on August 09, 2021.

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