Device Privacy


With mobile devices slowly permeating into organizations, managing them comes up with its own set of challenges especially with respect to the data collected. Data collected, even for management purposes can be used for identification causing privacy concerns and futher exemplified, in case of personal devices(BYOD). MDM however, lets you customize the existing privacy settings to suit the needs of the organization. You can choose to configure the settings for all the managed devices or only for corporate/personal devices, ensuring privacy is maintained.

It is also recommended to configure Server Privacy Settings to ensure data privacy on the server, Server Security Settings to ensure data security on the server and Terms of Use which sets the mandate for the data collected and purposes for collecting the same.

Policy Description

You can choose to configure the device data collected and displayed on the MDM server. Additionally, you can also configure whether to execute remote commands on device or not. Further, you can also choose to display the privacy policy derived from the privacy settings, to the users. These settings can be applied to personal and/or corporate devices

Configuring Privacy Settings