Secure data using Virtual Private Network

Data security is one of the major concerns of organizations that are incorporating mobile devices into their workforce. The most common method of ensuring data security is by setting up a virtual private network (VPN). VPN allows users to access sensitive corporate data on a public network securely by creating a private network over it to transfer data.

VPN plays a crucial role in securely connecting geographically separated offices into one cohesive network. It also enables employees to connect to the intranet while located outside office.

The simplest way of setting up a VPN is by creating a global VPN through which the entire traffic of the mobile device is routed. This will protect all the data that is being sent from or to the device. Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP allows the admins to remotely configure the VPN on the managed devices.

In addition to remotely setting up a global VPN, Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP provides additional options to users with respect to setting up the VPN 

  • VPN on demand
  • Per app VPN

VPN on demand

Even though a VPN configuration can be distributed remotely by the admin, the user must turn on VPN on the device before accessing corporate data. VPN also gets turned off every time the device loses internet connectivity and will have to be turned on again. Therefore, to reduce the steps the user has to perform on the device, Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP has a provision to set up the VPN on-demand.

Here, the admin will choose all the websites for which a VPN is to be created. When a user accesses these websites a VPN is automatically created without any user intervention.

Per App VPN

With the growing increase in the BYOD trend, mobile devices have both personal and corporate data on the devices. From an organization's point of view, protecting the personal data does not take priority and hence setting up a VPN in such cases is not necessary. To facilitate this distinction, Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP supports the per app VPN feature available in iOS devices.

Using this feature, the admin can select the apps which require a VPN setup when data in these apps are accessed. Any data that is shared from these apps will be transfered only through the VPN already designated by the admin.

Types of VPN supported by Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP

Following are a few commonly used VPNs that are supported by Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP:

  • Cisco AnyConnect Legacy (for below iOS 10.3)
  • Cisco AnyConnect New (for iOS 10.3 and above)
  • Juniper SSL
  • Pulse Secure
  • Aruba VIA
  • Check point Mobile VPN