Windows Azure Enrollment(AutoPilot) 

With most organizations using an Azure account both as a part of their workforce, all corporate services have started planning on integrating Azure. In addition to configuring Conditional Exchange Access for Azure AD, configuring Exchange profiles for Azure AD, you can also enroll Windows devices in bulk using an Azure account.

There are several advantages in using Azure enrollment, with the primary being the one-time setup. In case of organizations which already have adequate Azure licenses, all the IT admins need to do is to configure the enrollment process on the Azure portal.

The one major step to be done is to create an App Template. The app template provides details regarding the ME MDM app, for managing the devices. Once the details are added, any device on being enrolled with MDM automatically has the ME MDM app installed on the device

Once this setup is done, devices are ready to enrolled in huge numbers. Another major benefit is the mandatory MDM management of the enrolled devices. This ensures the devices will always be under MDM management, irrespective of the device being factory reset or the user revoking MDM management.  

Windows AutoPilot

One major problem when enrolling devices in bulk is the initial setup steps. These are the steps the user/admin needs to configure when the activating for the first time. This can be simply skipped using Windows AutoPilot. AutoPilot is an add-on configuration for Windows Azure enrollment which eases the problem of initial setup steps by allowing you to skip some/most of the initial setup steps when activating the device.

In addition to this, AutoPilot also helps you with organization branding. In case of Windows desktops/laptops, you can configure the login screen to show the organization logo, a banner, modify the background color and have custom texts added to the screen. You can choose to provide links to the organization compliance standards etc., shown on the login screen, making it easier for the administrator.