Securing access to Exchange server

Microsoft Exchange is one of the few services used by almost all organizations, for e-mail and other related services. It comes with the convenience of having it hosted on Cloud or running it in the organization's premises.

With the Exchange servers containing almost all of the confidential corporate data, securing this data becomes imperative. In case of devices enrolled with MDM MSP, you can configure security settings on the devices, to ensure data security.

However, in case of devices not managed by MDM MSP, securing the data becomes a problem. This can be nullified using Conditional Exchange Access(CEA) in MDM, which secures the data at the primary stage, by preventing access to the data present in the Exchange Server.

CEA secures access to Exchange, by ensuring only those devices enrolled by MDM MSP can access the organization's Exchange server, thereby preventing unauthorized access of corporate data.

You also have the option of providing a grace period for the employees to enroll the device being used for accessing Exchange with MDM, MSP for continued access of Exchange. Once the grace period has transpired, any device not enrolled with MDM MSP is automatically restricted access to Exchange, which can be regained by enrolling the device with MDM MSP. Click here to know more about securing access to Exchange server (To be made live only when CEA is supported in MDM)