Key highlights from the Apple WWDC 2022

Onboarding made easier

  • In addition to Mac devices, iPhones and iPads purchased through nontraditional channels can now be enrolled using Apple Configurator for iPhone, enabling zero-touch onboarding and supervision without the need for a Mac.

Security further bolstered

  • You can now ensure corporate data is accessed only by trusted Apple devices with Managed Device Attestation, which verifies each device's identity and allows you to revoke management for devices that might be threats.
  • You can also manage certificate creation, distribution, and installation on devices that pass the Managed Device Attestation by integrating ACME with Mobile Device Manager Plus, easily securing communications from a large number of managed, trusted devices.

More fortification for Macs

  • Wired accessories and physical connections to Mac devices can be managed to prevent unauthorized USB and Thunderbolt devices from establishing a connection without the device user's approval.
  • Configure firewall settings for Macs right from the Mobile Device Manager Plus console to keep cyberthreats at bay.

An enhanced user experience

  • Shared iPads can be configured to remember user login details for up to seven days after login before requiring an internet connection to authenticate the Managed Apple ID.
  • Configure a default Managed Apple ID domain on shared iPads to allow the domain to appear as a suggestion, facilitating easier logins.

Privacy and personalization

  • Manage device accessibility settings at a granular level through Mobile Device Manager Plus to configure devices to suit device users' needs.
  • Distribute and install eSIMs on devices to allow users to collaborate and communicate.

What you need to do before updating your enterprise devices

  • Test the update on diverse hardware

    Deploy the update on at least one device of every model and check device functionality afterwards.

  • Test apps

    Often, legacy and custom enterprise apps may not run on the latest OS versions. Check if every app in your repository works as intended on the updated devices.

  • Plan updates

    Update devices in stages to minimize damage from unforeseen issues, prevent bandwidth choking, and maintain employee productivity. Provide a buffer between stages to accommodate users who skip deployment.

Here's how you can leverage these updates for enhanced device management

You can seamlessly benefit from these new features through ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus. Try Mobile Device Manager Plus for free for 30 days and benefit from comprehensive Apple device management in your organization.

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