Abdoul Karim BarryEngineer-SystemMicrocred Group

Managing more than 1000 mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) every day was a challenge for Microcred Group. Mobile Device Manager Plus helped us overcome the hurdle. This robust solution enables us to centralize all mobile devices on the same console as a web-portal which is segmented by countries. The access for local IT teams in each country is restricted to the mobile devices in their respective country, ensuring better security.

Mobile Device Manager Plus is a must-have tool for today’s smart IT administrators. Features like silent-installation of apps, AfW and geotracking make my life as an administrator much easier. Thanks to MDMP, pushing our APKs to managed devices has become a child's play. Their support is outstanding - technicians quickly diagnose and solve the problem. I would happily recommend this product to any IT department!

Raf VerbeeckICT Director Armonea NVBelgium

Armonea is one of the largest private care organisations for elderly care in Belgium and among the top ten players in Europe. We provide care for 15,000+ residents with a team of 9,800+ people.

This means that for every solution we adopt, there are several criteria:

  • The functional result should be what our teams expect to provide the excellent care we stand for
  • The partner should be reliable and able to support an organisation of our size both in sales and in support
  • Pricing always has to be best-in-the-market.

When we went looking for a solution for mobile device management 2.5 years ago, we obviously started with all of the well known brands only to conclude they provided products which were too expensive, too elaborate and too complex to deploy and maintain.

Also, some of the reviewed products would only work with one or a few brands of mobile devices. Not so with Mobile Device Manager Plus.

This product currently manages our 1075 devices divided over 84 physical locations in Belgium without a glitch.

The system was easy to deploy and for the few questions we had, the supplier’s helpdesk was always there to help us in a short period of time.

Furthermore, the product only costs a fraction of what the competition charges.

So, yes, I was very happy with the product in the beginning, I still am after a couple of years of use (and a few easy upgrades later) and if I had to start all over again, I’d go for Mobile Device Manager Plus any day of the week.