Licensing Mobile Device Manager Plus

Licensing Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile Device Manager Plus is available in two editions: Free and Professional Editions.

You can download the product from the website.

The Free edition and the Professional edition are packaged as a single download. During the evaluation phase Professional edition is installed.

This can be evaluated for 30 days. Once the evaluation period ends, the license is converted to Free edition, unless Professional edition is purchased.

In both Free edition and the Professional edition, all the features are available. But using Free edition, only 5 mobile devices can be managed.  

To upgrade from a Trial/Free Edition to Professional Edition

  1. When you purchase the product, the license file will be sent through e-mail, which can be used to upgrade the product.

  2. Click the License link available in the top right corner of the Mobile Device Manager Plus client. This opens the License details of the product.

  3. Click the Upgrade Now link and select the license file received from ManageEngine using the Browse button.

  4. Click Upgrade button to upgrade.

For purchasing the license or for any pricing related queries, please contact


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