Release Notes

Release notes

Release notes for version 9:


  1. Support management of mobile devices using Android version 2.2 and above , iOS 4.0 and above, and Windows Phone 8 and above.

  2. Advanced control over SAFE devices and KNOX devices.

  3. Provide Bulk enrollment and Self enrollment of devices.

  4. Ability to enroll devices using Apple Configurator.

  5. Enroll and manage multiple devices for the same user.

  6. Ability to manage the devices Over-The-Air (OTA) like deploying configurations, distributing apps etc.,

  7. Device authentication during enrollment using Active Directory Credentials.

Asset Management:

  1. Schedule device scan to fetch device details like hardware details and OS details.

  2. Identify jail broken or rooted devices.

Profile management:

  1. Configure profile settings and apply the profiles to the managed devices.

  2. Ability to distinguish between corporate owned and personal devices and apply restrictions, and distribute apps.

  3. Configure native e-mail client with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

App Management:

  1. Manage and distribute both play store apps and enterprise apps.

  2. Ability to manage iOS paid Apps by using Volume Purchase Program (VPP) redemption codes and Managed Distribution.

  3. Ability to blacklist and manage blacklisted apps.

Security Management:

  1. Enforce passcode to prevent unauthorized access.

  2. Locate the position of the device on demand.

  3. Ability to remote lock the device to prevent misuse of the device.

  4. Ability to trigger remote alarm to locate a misplaced device.

  5. Secure data with corporate wipe and complete wipe of the device.


  1. Generate out-of-box reports like Apps by Device, Blacklisted apps summary, New app detected, rooted device, jail broken devices etc.,

  2. Ability to generate custom reports using customized query.

  3. Schedule reports for a specific frequency and obtain reports in specific formats like .csv, .xls, .pdf.

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