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ManageEngine®  Mobile Device Manager Plus

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become the norm today. In managing these devices, it is imperative to differentiate between corporate owned and personal devices and to keep corporate data secure,while maintaining the employee privacy and expectations. This introduces complexity in device management and data security for enterprises.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is a software that helps IT administrators to monitor,manage and secure mobile devices, both corporate owned and personal devices (BYOD) from a single console.

Mobile Device Manager Plus offers enrollment and management of mobile devices over-the-air (OTA). The Asset management feature includes scheduling scanning of devices periodically to fetch device details and identify jail-broken or rooted devices. Profile Management feature distinguishes corporate owned and personal devices and applies restrictions and profiles as applicable.

App management features like whitelisting and blacklisting of apps, and distribution of enterprise and play store apps are provided. The Security Management feature takes a step towards ensuring data security in the mobile devices even when the device is misplaced or missing by triggering corporate data wipe or remote alarm. Mobile Device Manager Plus also offers Management of Blacklisted apps, Location tracking feature and Out-of-box as well as customized reports.

More about Mobile Device Manager Plus:

Supported Operating Systems:

The current version supports managing devices with the following operating systems:

  1. Android version 2.2 and above
  2. iOS version 4.0 and above
  3. Windows 8 and above

Supported Devices

The current version supports managing the following devices:

  1. Smart phones (iPhone, Android & Windows)
  2. Tablets (Android & iOS)
  3. ipod Touch. (iOS)
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