You can configure Kiosk profile for SAFE devices running Android 4.0 and above. This profile helps in device management by locking down the device to display a single App or a specific set of Apps and prevents the user from accessing any other feature of the device.


Profile Settings


Kiosk Profile Settings

Kiosk Mode


Single App Mode locks down the device to display only a single app.

Multiple Apps Mode locks down the device to display only specific apps that are required.

This will restrict user's access to all other features of the device.

Allowed App(s)

You can choose App(s) that should be displayed on the user's device. The chosen Apps need to be pre-installed on the device.

You can also choose Native Apps on the device for Kiosk Mode. Learn More

Choose Wallpaper

You can customize the device screen to display your company's logo etc.

Best Resolution: 960*800 px; Image Format: PNG; Image Size: 1MB

Show ME MDM App

You can choose to show ME MDM App on the user's device to enable the user to install distributed Apps from the App Catalog.


Profile Settings


Device Restriction Settings

Task Manager

Restricting this option, prevents users from accessing Task Manager on their devices.

System Bar

Restricting the System Bar prevents users from accessing the status bar (on mobile phones) ; status bar and navigation bar (on tablets)

Navigation Bar

Restricting this option, disables the navigation bar (Home, Back, Recent Apps, Screenshots etc.)

Status Bar

Restricting this will disable users from viewing Status Bar details like battery, notifications, network details etc.

Status Bar Expansion

Restricting this will prevent users from expanding the Status Bar to access the status bar controls. The user will still be able to view the notifications.

Home Button

You can restrict Home button to prevent users from exiting the App on the device.

Volume Buttons

You can restrict Volume Buttons on the user's device

Power Button

You can restrict the usage of Power Button on the device.

This feature is of particular use to retailers who need to keep a specific App always running on their devices. This eases their worry that mobile devices kept at retail counters would be misused by customers.

Back Button

Restricting the Back Button on a device prevents users from navigating back and exiting the App.

Native Apps on Device:

Apps such as Camera, Address Book, etc. that are specially tailored for a particular device are termed as the native apps of that device. Kiosk Mode enables you to choose a particular native app on a device and restrict a user to use only that app. The user will be unable to access any other feature of the device.

You can use a Recovery Password to temporarily exit from Kiosk Mode on the device. To learn more about this, refer Setting a Recovery Password.


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