Mobile content management (MCM)

Mobile content management (MCM) also known as mobile information management (MIM) is a part of most mobile device management (MDM) solutions that provides secure access to corporate resources such as documents and media files on any mobile device such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. It helps strike the balance between security and productivity by applying various configurations and restricting to ensure corporate data is not accessed by unauthorised users. 

Key Features of Mobile Content Management(MCM) Solutions

In addition to simplified distribution of content, Mobile Device Manager Plus' MCM capabilities have various other advantages that help strengthen corporate data security.

  • Supports multiple file formats: Admins can distribute documents and media files in over 15 file formats. Some of the commonly used file formats are .doc, .pdf, .txt, .mp4, .pptx, .png, .jpg etc.
  • Segregate documents: Admins can categorize the documents and media files with the help of Tags and distribute the content associated to specific Tags to the required devices.
  • Open and save content in MDM Document Viewer: MDM provides an in-built Document Viewer in the ME MDM app available on the devices. Admins can ensure the content is saved and viewed only using the Document Viewer or the corporate apps distributed by MDM.
  • Prevent document sharing from devices:  Mobile Device Manager Plus secures content by preventing users from sharing it with other devices or copying it to any other apps.
  • Centralized content update: Admins can automatically update the content on the devices by uploading the new version on the MDM server. 

    MCM Client for Android Mobile Content Management


Need for a Mobile Content Management (MCM) software

Mobile content management (MCM) is a requirement in every mobile-first organization that allows employees to access corporate data from anywhere and at anytime. Without the right mobile content management (MCM) software, making corporate data available on mobile devices increases the changes of unauthorized data access and data breaches, since users tend to access corporate content using third-party apps and back up data on third-party cloud services.

A mobile content management (MCM) software or an MDM solution with mobile information management (MIM) capabilities also reduces the chances of a data breach in the organization by ensuring corporate data is not:

  • shared between corporate and personal apps
  • accessible from unauthorised devices
  • backed up on third-party cloud services

Simplifying Mobile Content Management (MCM) with Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile Device Manager Plus supports comprehensive mobile content management capabilities that allows admins to securely distribute corporate content such as documents and media files to devices. Content can be distributed to devices in just two steps:

Once the content is shared to the devices, it'll be available in the ME MDM app which acts as the MCM client on Samsung and Android devices.

What is an MCM Client?

Most MCM solutions deploy an MCM agent on the Android and Samsung devices, when these devices are brought under management. This MCM client on Android and Samsung devices allows employees to securely view and download the shared content. Additionally many restrictions can also be enforced to ensure corporate data security. Deploying an MCM client also prevents the spread of malware such as spyware and ransomware, as it reduces the need for employees to download third-party apps to access the corporate data, which are the major source of malware on devices.

How to use ME MDM app as an MCM client on Samsung and Android devices?

When an Android or Samsung device is enrolled into Mobile Device Manager Plus, the ME MDM app is automatically installed on the device. This ME MDM app has the capability to serve as the MCM client on Android and Samsung devices. In case of Windows and iOS/iPadOS devices, admins can silently install the ME MDM apps on devices to enable content sharing.

ME MDM app as an MCM client ensures that the corporate data shared using Mobile Device Manager Plus can be downloaded and saved only in the ME MDM app. It acts as a sandbox on employee-owned (BYOD) devices and prevents the personal apps from accessing the shared data. It also prevents the users from backing up the data on third-party cloud services and sharing it with unauthorised devices. Admins can also prevent screen capture and screen recording for exhaustive security measures.

Due to the numerous benefits of ME MDM app as an MCM client, it is recommended to not uninstall the MCM client from devices. Admins can also restrict users from uninstalling the MCM Client from devices and revoking management.

Refer to this help document for more detailed steps on how to distribute corporate content to devices using ManageEngine's mobile content management solution.