Today's challenge

Enterprises today are seeing an influx of employees using mobile devices to carry out corporate tasks and access corporate resources. Many see this as an opportunity to improve employee productivity, and have begun advocating practices like corporate-owned personally enabled (COPE) and bring your own device (BYOD). However, placing sensitive corporate data in the pockets of your employees poses various threats to your enterprise's privacy and security. 

To address this issue, you should adopt a holistic, integrated MDM software that can help your IT staff manage every aspect of mobile device use, ranging from enrolling new devices to wiping corporate information when an employee leaves your organization.

How Mobile Device Manager Plus fits into your IT framework

With Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can empower your workforce with mobility and manage devices from enrollment to retirement. Here's what makes Mobile Device Manager Plus a trusted solution for your company:

  • Over 10 years of experience in empowering enterprises with mobility.
  • Trusted by over 10,000 IT professionals across the globe.
  • Currently managing more than 500,000 mobile devices.
  • Support for 16 languages.
  • Used across 185 countries.
  • Free management for up to 25 devices.


Supported operating systems

  • iOS 4.0 and above
  • iPadOS 13.0 and above
  • macOS 10.7 and above
  • Android 4.1 and above
  • Windows Phone 8.0 and above
  • Laptop and Surface pro running Windows 10
  • Chrome OS 
  • Samsung Knox
  • Apple TVs running 7.0 and above

Product availability

  • On-premises
  • SaaS (cloud)

Mobile application management

  • Create your own enterprise-authorized app catalog.
  • Comprehensively manage both enterprise and Store (free/paid) apps.
  • Integrate with Apple Business Manager (ABM), Managed Google Play, Chrome Web Store and Windows Business Store.
  • Upload and test multiple versions of enterprise apps before deploying them to the production environment
  • Install and uninstall apps silently on devices without user intervention.
  • Ensure devices are used only for specific purposes by forcing devices to run a single app or set of apps using Kiosk Mode.
  • Customize the layout of apps and web shortcuts on devices in Kiosk Mode for a consistent user experience
  • Restrict devices to run on a single app for a specific duration.
  • Pre-configure app settings and configurations during installation itself using Managed App Configurations.
  • Containerize apps and data on devices to prevent potential unauthorized corporate data access.
  • Blocklist apps that are non-compliant with your enterprise security and regulation standards.

High-end device security management

  • Force passcodes to be set in accordance with your organization's security standards. Configure granular details such as the passcode length, uppercase characters etc.,
  • Enforce restrictions on device functionality such as enabling or disabling the camera, iCloud, Passbook, iTunes, and much more.
  • Protect corporate data by preventing unauthorized devices from accessing the corporate network.
  • Track the geographical location of managed devices on demand and maintain a history of locations traversed by corporate devices.
  • Ensure corporate data stays within the organization's premises or any predefined virtual geographical range by defining a geofence.
  • Detect rooted and jailbroken devices, and instantly remove them from the corporate network.
  • Prevent data loss or theft by either completely wiping devices or wiping only corporate data.
  • Remotely lock devices to prevent misuse of misplaced or stolen devices.
  • Collect and wipe devices when an employee leaves your company.
  • Secure corporate data present on your Mac machines by encrypting them on-the-fly and by preventing start up from any internal or external storage device.
  • Generate and distribute user-specific certificates, by integrating CA servers with MDM.

Smarter mobile device enrollment

  • Enroll devices over-the-air (OTA) through either E-mail or SMS.
  • Automate bulk enrollment for Apple, Android and Windows devices using Apple Business Manager (ABM), Windows AutoPilot (Azure), Zero Touch enrollment and Samsung Knox enrollment.
  • Authenticate enrollment with a one-time passcode (OTP) or a user's Active Directory (AD) credentials.
  • Allow users to enroll their own devices using a self-service portal.
  • Enroll and manage multiple devices for the same user.

Robust MDM support

  • Monitor devices for up-to-date device information.
  • Diagnose device, user, or application issues from a centralized platform.
  • Overcome the hassles of factory reset protection.
  • Update configuration settings in real time.

Secure distribution of content

  • Create a content repository for storing documents and media.
  • Securely distribute documents in different formats.
  • Ensure users securely access content distributed from MDM, by configuring security policies.
  • Control content sharing to unmanaged devices and third-party cloud services.

Complete and secure email management

  • Set up email security policies to devices OTA.
  • Containerize e-mail apps to prevent unauthorized access to e-mails.
  • Regulate devices with access to a corporate e-mail account.
  • Restrict users from making changes to a corporate email account or the applied configuration.
  • Securely view and save e-mail attachments directly on the ME MDM app
  • Provide conditional access to Exchange on-premises and Office 365.

Instantly update OSs on mobile devices

  • Silently deploy OS updates to managed mobile devices.
  • Restrict users from upgrading their mobile OS.
  • Notify users when mobile OS updates are available.
  • Choose immediate, delayed, or windowed deployment of mobile OSs.

Manage mobile assets efficiently

  • Track mobile device details including certificates, installed apps, and memory usage to stay up-to-date.
  • Get granular reports on hardware and software inventory.
  • Get custom reports for any specific needs in your enterprise.
  • Create out-of-the-box reports on apps by devices and devices by model.
  • Monitor the battery levels of devices and receive alerts when the battery level falls below a specified level.
  • Remotely troubleshoot device issues in real-time
  • Notify users of emergencies and scheduled maintenance by sending Announcements to devices
  • Use iPads as Shared devices by allowing multiple users to access a single device, while ensuring user privacy.


  • Helpdesk solutions: Spiceworks, ServiceNow, ServiceDesk Plus, Jira Servicedesk, and Zendesk.
  • Business process automation apps: Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM
  • Analytics software: Analytics Plus
  • Public APls available for third-party integrationsInternet Explorer 7 and above.

Supported browsers

Mobile Device Manager Plus requires one of the following browsers to be installed:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and above.
  • Google Chrome 20 or above.
  • Mozilla Firefox 4 or above.
  • Apple Safari 5 or above.

To know the product pricing refer this link.

To know the system requirements for installing and using Mobile Device Manager(MDM) refer this link.