Restrict access to apps on mobile devices to ensure device and data security.

In sectors such as hospitality and retail, organizations often provide corporate devices to employees for a single purpose like inventory management and front-end sales. This means only a few exclusive apps are required to perform the stipulated task.

Mobile Device Manager Plus supports lockdown functions that only allow access to selected apps for both iOS and Android devices. On iOS devices, this feature is known as "Single app lock," and on Android devices, the feature is called "Kiosk mode."

To ensure devices are only being used for their intended purpose, organizations can apply "Kiosk mode" or "Single app lock" to their Android or iOS devices from their MDM console.

"Kiosk mode" for Android devices:

  • The IT admin can permit access to only selected apps.
  • A customized homepage is created with only the permitted apps.
  • Access to the task manager and status bar can be restricted.
  • Supported for all devices running Android 2.3 and above.

"Single app lock" for iOS devices:

  • The device can be locked so that only a single screen or app can be used.
  • Features like touch, mono audio, zoom, and assistive touch can be restricted.
  • Supported only for supervised devices running versions iOS 6 and later.