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ADManager Plus simplifies enterprise-wide Windows Active Directory management and reporting.

  • Active Directory Management  

    ADManager Plus reduces your AD administrative burden through: Mass User Provisioning | Bulk AD Object Modification | Prepackaged AD Reports | Role-based Profiles for Helpdesk | Active Directory Workflow & Automation, and more such features... Download Now

  • Active Directory Reports  

    150+ prebuilt Active Directory & Exchange specific Reports in multiple categories like AD User reports, Distribution List reports, etc. Generate AD reports instantly without the painful LDAP queries or native tools! Free Trial

  • Active Directory Help Desk Delegation  

    Delegate repetitive AD tasks but still retain complete control over them; turn even the technically naïve users into super-admins with ADManager Plus's OU/ role-based & workflow centric Help Desk delegation management. Download Now

  • Active Directory Workflow  

    Define task blueprints for all AD tasks with ADManager Plus's Workflow management; Customize workflows as required; and Automate AD tasks which are executed as per the workflow. Free Trial

  • Active Directory Automation  

    Automate crucial AD tasks & routines such as AD cleanup; combines with workflow to enforce controlled automation, whenever needed. Download Now

  • Office 365 Management & Reports  

    Create user accounts in cloud-based O365 and on-premise AD, in one go; automated & bulk user creation via CSV import; assign/revoke licenses en masse; pre-configured O365-specific reports - inactive users, licensed/unlicensed users, distribution groups, license details, etc. Free Trial

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Management  

    With ADManager Plus, Manage multiple versions of Exchange Servers – Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010/2013 from a single console; create mailboxes during user account creation; migrate Exchange mailboxes in bulk and more... Download Now

  • Computer Management 

    Create, modify, move, delete and restore computers in bulk, via CSV import; one-click creation and modification of computers via customizable templates and predefined task-specific features. Free Trial

  • Active Directory Password Reset  

    ADManager Plus makes Password management hassle-free with features for bulk password reset, configuring password settings, facilitating help desk-based password management and more! Download Now

  • Bulk User Management  

    Use ADManager Plus to create as many user accounts as needed, for bulk modification of user accounts, to reset user passwords and more, using CSV-import option. Bulk user management was never so easy! Free Trial

  • Active Directory Cleanup  

    Performing AD cleanup or inactive user account cleanup is now a simple process. With ADManager Plus's one touch delete policy, perform AD janitorial tasks quick and fast. Download Now

  • Active Directory Logon Reports  

    Track all logon specific information of AD users instantly, using reports such as Users' last logon time | Allowed logon time/hours | Users who have not logged on (for any specific period), etc. Free Trial

  • MS Exchange Server Reports  

    Get a detailed picture of Users' Exchange specific attributes, mail enabled groups, users without mailbox, Distribution list members, ActiveSync/OMA/OWA settings, and more with ADManager Plus's pre-packaged Exchange Server Reports. Download Now

  • GPO Management and Reports  

    With pre-built GPO specific reports of ADManager Plus, get a detailed picture about all the GPOs in the organization, the GPOs that are being used or not used; GPOs that are frequently modified, GPOs linked to specific Domains, etc. and manage the GPOs effortlessly! Free Trial

  • OU Management & Reports  

    Create / modify / delete organizational units (OUs) in bulk via CSV import; standardize OU creation via configurable templates; view OU-specific information via predefined reports such as, empty OUs, recently created/modified OUs, GPO linked OUs, etc. Download Now

  • Google Apps Management  

    Configure new accounts for users in Google Apps and AD simultaneously in bulk, via CSV-import and automation. Free Trial

  • iOS & Android Apps  

    Manage Active Directory users from anywhere, anytime, using just your smartphones and mobile devices. Download Now

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