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EventLog Analyzer - Features

  • SIEM  

    EventLog Analyzer meets all the needs of SIEM by effectively collecting logs from sources across the network, analyzing the log data and providing meaningful insights with its intuitive reports and dashboards, providing real-time alerts to mitigate internal and external security threats, performing real-time event log correlation, and more. This solution also provides out-of-the-box reports for various compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, and more. It also helps in protecting confidential data with its file integrity monitoring feature. Further, the solution performs user activity monitoring, log forensics, log data archiving and more. Email Download Link

  • Log Collection  

    EventLog Analyzer centrally collects logs from heterogeneous sources across your network. The solution supports physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. It can collect log data from: Windows servers and workstations, Unix/Linux machines, IBM AS400 systems, applications such as IIS and Apache web servers, DHCP Linux and Windows applications, vulnerability scanners, threat intelligence solutions, databases including Oracle and MS SQL, network devices such as routers and switches, Amazon AWS EC2 instances and VMWare platforms including Hyper-Vs. This solution supports both agent based and agent less log collection mechanisms. With its Custom Log Parser, the solution can process logs from in-house or custom application log sources as well.Free Trial

  • Log Analysis - Reports and Alerts  

    EventLog Analyzer analyzes terabytes of log data collected and extracts meaningful actionable information and presents it in the form of interactive reports and dashboards. The solution has 1000+ predefined reports which help to meet the security, auditing, and compliance needs of organizations. Further, the solution also provides an option to create custom reports to meet the internal security needs of the companies. All reports can be scheduled, exported in PDF, CSV, and HTML formats, and distributed via email.

    The solutions' real-time alerting console has predefined alert criteria that help mitigate internal and external threats instantly. EventLog Analyzer sends out email or SMS notifications to security administrators whenever a network anomaly occurs. These out-of-the-box reports and alert criteria help administrators gain in-depth insights on user activity, system events, application server changes, removable device and firewall activity, and any potential network security breaches. Email Download Link

  • Windows Event Log Management  

    Collect, analyze, and continuously monitor Windows servers and workstations across your network with EventLog Analyzer's extensive predefined reports and alerts. Track account and policy changes, registry changes, and domain events.

    Instantly get alerted to security threats and attack attempts. Seal the security loophole by detecting unwanted or unsafe applications running in your Windows infrastructure with EventLog Analyzer's canned reports.

    Get detailed information on the occurrence of other system events like services started and stopped, and critical event trends that help you understand the status of your network, identify any vulnerable points, and take remedial actions. Free Trial

  • Syslog Monitoring  

    Efficiently collect, analyze, monitor, and archive syslog data from Unix/Linux systems, network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls, and other syslog devices, with EventLog Analyzer.

    Gain better insights on user logons and logoffs, account changes, network file system and mail server activity, sudo command executions, system events such as applications installed or deleted in the syslog server, and more.

    Get real-time alerts whenever there is a denial of service (DoS) attack, or other such attack attempts so as to mitigate them as quickly as possible. Email Download Link

  • Network Device Log Analysis  

    Besides analyzing the log data from servers and Hyper-Vs, EventLog Analyzer collects, monitors, analyzes, and archives syslog data from network devices as well. This solution supports log collection from all syslog devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, and intrusion detection and prevention systems. Get instant reports that provide detailed information on traffic passing through these devices, connections accepted and denied, device logons/logoffs and account changes. Also, get to know when there's a critical change in your device configuration.

    This solution also sends out email or SMS notifications in real-time for any critical events or threats such as routing table attacks, syn flood attacks, and more. Free Trial

  • Application Log Analysis  

    EventLog Analyzer is capable of collecting and analyzing log data from any application source, including in-house or custom application sources, with its custom log parser.

    Get more insights on application security and troubleshooting with the solution's predefined reports for terminal servers, DHCP Windows and Linux applications, IIS FTP servers, IIS and Apache web servers, print servers, and databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Monitor all logons and communications through terminal servers, DHCP server activity, file transfer information, web server errors and usage information, print server activity, and database server activity such as server level account changes, database transaction information, and more. Get instantly notified when there is a potential security threat to any of your application servers. Email Download Link

  • Database Auditing 

    Monitor all database transactions, account changes, server-level changes, and security related information on your Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database server. On the security front, stay ahead of all potential database attacks such as SQL injection attacks or denial of service attacks. View all database objects which have been created, deleted, or altered. Identify users viewing or performing changes to the data. Track all changes to database accounts and get in-depth information on server events such as server startups and shut downs. Free Trial

  • File Integrity Monitoring  

    EventLog Analyzer helps in protecting sensitive data with its real time file integrity monitoring (FIM) feature.

    Centrally track all critical changes happening to files and folders such as when files and folders are created, accessed, viewed, deleted, modified, renamed and much more. Carry out quick actions and thereby mitigate the data breach effects at the earliest with the solution's real-time alerts. This solution provides instant email or SMS notifications whenever there occurs a critical change to the sensitive data. Email Download Link

  • IT Compliance Management  

    EventLog Analyzer, with its detailed out-of-the-box reports aids organizations tremendously to meet the stringent requirements of regulatory compliance mandates. The solution processes logs from the entire network and generates reports as mandated by several regulatory policies such as PCI-DSS, FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, GPG13, and ISO 27001:2013 and more. This solution also provides an option to customize the existing reports or to create a new compliance report to fulfil the growing demands of the regulatory mandates.

    EventLog Analyzer allows archival and retention of the log data collected for flexible time periods, which is a requirement dictated varyingly by several regulatory policies. Free Trial

  • Log Forensics  

    With EventLog Analyzer, conduct efficient forensic analysis on all log data that are collected and archived.

    Detect network or system anomalies and perform a root cause analysis with the solution's simple yet powerful search engine. EventLog Analyzer's log search engine helps you search both raw and formatted logs and instantly generate forensic reports from the search results. This solution also provides various search options including grouped and range search, and use of wild-cards and boolean operators, which facilitates quick discovery of the exact log entry that caused the security event.

    The solution also provides options to save the search result as a report so as to perform in-depth analysis, and to save the query as an alert profile to react instantly to future potential security threats. Email Download Link

  • Log Archival  

    All collected log data are automatically archived by EventLog Analyzer and the archive files are periodically compressed to save disk space. The time intervals at which logs are archived and files are compressed, are configurable. The archived files can be easily imported into EventLog Analyzer database at any time. They are integral to log forensics and are used to generate performance and usage statistic reports for various hosts. A three point system is employed to ensure the files are secure and tamper-proof: encryption of files, hashing of log data, and time-stamping of files. Free Trial

  • Log Correlation  

    EventLog Analyzer's real-time event correlation engine effectively identifies security concerns by connecting events from a wide array of log sources in your network. This solution comes bundled with over 70 out-of-the-box correlation rules that cover a wide range of indicators of compromises. IT security professionals are notified in real time to any threshold violations or network anomalies, via SMS or email. EventLog Analyzer also provides a correlation rule builder with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

    Create attack patterns to mitigate threats proactively using the solution's custom correlation builder. Email Download Link

  • Privileged User Monitoring  

    EventLog Analyzer has prepackaged reports that facilitates Privileged User Monitoring and Auditing (PUMA). Prevent privilege misuse by continuously monitoring the activities of privileged users with detailed predefined reports from EventLog Analyzer. This solution also provides filters that help in granular monitoring of a specific user's activities on any particular host in the network.

    The reports provided by the solution are customizable, can be exported in PDF, CSV, and HTML formats, and can be drilled down to view raw log information. Free Trial