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Adding Schedules



If you have a large number of devices, carrying out operations such as backup, upload etc., become monotonous, if they are to be done manually. You might also require to perform certain operations at regular intervals. Execution of these operations can be automated - that is they can be scheduled for execution at the required time automatically.


Tasks such as

    1. Configuration Backup
    2. Report Generation and
    3. Compliance Check
    4. Custom Templates
    5. Switch Port Mapping

for a specific device or group of devices could be scheduled for execution at a future point of time. These tasks can be scheduled for automatic execution at periodic intervals or for an one-time execution.

Adding Schedules

Periodic Configuration Backup

Periodic Report Generation

Scheduled task for Compliance Check



Before adding a schedule for compliance check, compliance policy should have been associated with the devices. Refer to the section on Compliance Policies for more details.


    1. Go to "Admin" >> "Device Management" >> "All Schedules"

    2. In the UI that opens, click "New Schedule"

    3. In the UI that pops-up, provide a name for this schedule in the textfield for the parameter "Schedule Name"
    4. Choose "Compliance Check" in the drop-down for "Task type"

    5. Specify the required recurrence option

    6. Select the devices whose configuration has to be checked for compliance. You can either choose a list of "Specific Devices" or a "Device Group" [if you choose a device group, compliance check will be run for all the devices in the group]

    7. The result of the scheduled task could be sent as an email notification to any number of users. Just add the email IDs to the "Recipient list" and select the recipients to whom notifications are to be sent. Sending notifications is optional. Finally, click "Save"

Scheduled Task for Custom Templates

All the three types of custom templates - TFTP mode, script execution mode and advanced scripts could be scheduled for execution at a future point of time:



Scheduled Task for Switch Port Scan

DeviceExpert provides the 'Switch Port Mapper' tool that helps network administrators identify the list of devices connected to each port of the managed switch. You can create a scheduled task to execute the switch-port mapping tool at periodic intervals.




To execute switch port mapper, you should have entered SNMP credentials through SNMP profiles. If you have not created any SNMP profile, create one before proceeding further. Refer to this section for more details.



Audit of Scheduled Task Execution


Tasks that were executed for a particular schedule (from the time of creation of the schedule up to the current time) can be viewed as a snapshot. This history provides starting time of the schedules, their ending time and also the result of execution.


To view the Audit of Schedule task execution,



Audit can also be viewed from the "Device Details" page of the respective devices.


Managing Schedules

The scheduled tasks once created, can be managed from the "All Schedules" UI from where you can


Viewing the Properties of Scheduled Tasks

To view the properties of scheduled tasks,


Editing Schedules

To view edit the properties of scheduled tasks,


Enabling/Disabling Schedule

At times, you would require to temporarily stop the execution of a scheduled task and would like to resume it again at some other point of time.


To disable a schedule,



To enable the schedule,


Removing a Schedule

If a scheduled task is not needed, you can remove it from the list of schedules.


To remove a schedule,

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