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Uploading Device Configuration



While backup deals with taking a copy of the device configuration and retaining it in the DeviceExpert, Upload refers to the opposite. "Upload" transfers the configuration from DeviceExpert to device. Entire configuration file or even select lines/snippet within a file can be uploaded using DeviceExpert.

Uploading Full Device Configuration



To Upload Select Lines of Configuration to a Single Device


To Upload Configuration Snippets

Refer to the section 'Automation using templates & scripts'


Uploading Configuration to Multiple Devices

DeviceExpert provides the option to upload labelled configuration to multiple devices/device groups at one go. The devices or device groups should have a common label. For example, all devices will have the 'BASELINE' label. You can upload the contents of the 'BASELINE' label to all the devices at one go. Entire content in the respective 'BASELINE' version would be uploaded to the respective device.

Selecting Multiple Devices



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