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This section explains how to connect web interface after starting the server, the basic steps to get started with the product and basic configuration settings required.


Connecting Web Interface

Once the server is started successfully, open a browser and connect to the URL




where hostname - host where DeviceExpert Server is running; Default port - 6060


Example: https://localhost:6060


Type the username and password in the login screen and press Enter. By default the username and password will be admin and admin respectively.    

Quick Start: Simple 3-Step Process

Having successfully installed the product, you are now ready to work with it. Getting started with DeviceExpert is a simple 3-step process. Proceed and explore DeviceExpert!

Step 1:  Add Device

This is to provide the list of devices whose configurations are to be managed. In the web interface, go to Inventory Tab >> Click "New Devices" >> "Discover Device". For more details, click here

Step 2:  Provide Credentials

This is to enable DeviceExpert communicate with the device. Go to Inventory Tab >> Select a Device >> Click "Credentials". For more details, click here

Step 3:  Retrieve Configurations from Device   

This is to get a copy of device configuration in DeviceExpert. Go to Inventory Tab >> Select a Device >> Click "Backup". For more details, click here.  


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Arrangement of DeviceExpert Web Interface

All operations of DeviceExpert can be performed through the web UI, which is arranged into various tabs:








Basic Configuration Checklist

The following is a quick checklist to ensure that all basic configuration necessary for smooth functioning of DeviceExpert, have been done:






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