What is Software Configuration Management?

Software configuration management (SCM), in general, is the monitoring and management of configurations in network devices such as routers, switches, & firewalls. The consistent performance of a network is highly dependent on how effectively its devices are managed and maintained using SCM.

Why is Software Configuration Management needed?

With the growing business needs, enterprise networks are subject to frequent configuration changes and these changes can easily get out of hand. Network admins find it difficult to manage as there is no track of the changes happening in the network, and it becomes impossible to backtrack the change that caused a network issue. This is where software configuration management becomes a necessity for every business.

An efficient software configuration management tool keeps track of all the configuration changes that happen in the network, and also lets the admin know if there are any faulty configuration changes. It actively monitors the changes and their nature, so any possible glitch in the network is notified to the admin even before the change is applied to the device configuration. 

NCM - A Software Configuration Management tool.

Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is a powerful and easy-to-use software configuration management tool that enables you to get the best of your network by administering all of your network configurations. With NCM, you get all the features that are the need of the hour:
Network Configuration Manager brings you all the aspects of software configuration management in a single console.