Network Administrators / Engineers

Network administrators in enterprises are required to carry out configuration changes to a large number of devices quite frequently. Any faulty configuration change could lead to network outage. As configuration changes have to be made almost continuously, administrators are struggling to keep track of the changes done to the configurations. In the face of network outages, it becomes difficult to troubleshoot.

A good part of the configuration changes are repetitive in nature and consume most of the administrator's time. As a result, administrators are left with little time to concentrate on their main job.

Network Configuration Manager has been designed keeping in mind the needs of network administrators / network engineers. It helps maintain versions of device configurations and enables viewing, comparing, editing and uploading them from a single, centralized web-interface. Administrators can monitor configuration changes in real-time, get notifications, prevent unauthorized changes and approve genuine changes - all from a central GUI. Besides, they can automate all device configuration & change management tasks.

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