Device Templates

Device templates are needed to discover devices into NCM; to know the device specific commands for configuration backups, startup/running config sync; and to know commands for get the hardware details. Network Configuration Manager comes with 280 device templates, by default, which supports more than 6000 device models like cisco switches & routers, HP devices, Juniper switches, firewalls and more. To check if Network Configuration Manager supports a particular model, go to Settings --> Device Management --> Device Templates and search in the search bar provided. If you're unable to find the device model in this list, please fill this form. We'll evaluate and get back to you with the device template in 2-3 business days

Last updated on Oct 15, 2019
S.No Template Name Device Type Vendor Added Date
1Hillstone_Firewall.xmlHillstone FirewallHillstone20-Jun-2019
3Nanobridge_Wireless_Access_Point.xmlNanobridge Wireless Access PointUbiquiti14-Sep-2018
4NEC_IX2215.xmlNEC IX2215NEC05-Sep-2018
5NEC_PF5220F_Switch.xmlNEC PF5220F SwitchNEC05-Sep-2018
6NEC_PF52XX_Series_Switch.xmlNEC PF52XX Series SwitchNEC05-Sep-2018
7NEC_QX_31XX_Switch.xmlNEC QX 31XX SwitchNEC05-Sep-2018
8NEC_QX_8XXEP_Switch.xmlNEC QX 8XXEP SwitchNEC05-Sep-2018
9vThunder_Load_Balancer.xmlvThunder Load BalancerA10 Networks03-Aug-2018
10TOPS_TG.xmlTOPS TGTOPS03-Aug-2018
11XASJ_NetOpti.xmlXASJ NetOptiXASJ03-Aug-2018
12Arista_7150_Network_Switch.xmlArista 7150 Network SwitchArista21-May-2018
13Brocade_Fibre_Switch.xmlBrocade Fibre SwitchBrocade21-May-2018
14NetScaler_ADC_VPX.xmlNetScaler ADC VPXCitrix21-May-2018
15FortiGate_Firewall_V_5.2.10.xmlFortiGate Firewall V 5.2.10Fortinet21-May-2018
16HP_2920_Procurve_Switch.xmlHP 2920 Procurve SwitchHP21-May-2018
17HP_Aruba_Switch.xmlHP Aruba SwitchHP21-May-2018
18MELNET_Switch.xmlMELNET SwitchMELNET21-May-2018
19Juniper_SRX_300.xmlJuniper SRX 300Juniper13-Dec-2017
20Avaya_ERS_Switch.xmlAvaya ERS SwitchAvaya30-Oct-2017
21Cisco_IOS_Router_2800.xmlCisco IOS Router 2800Cisco30-Oct-2017
22Cisco_Nexus_Switch_Default.xmlCisco Nexus Switch DefaultCisco30-Oct-2017
23Coriant_Ethernet_Edge_Switch.xmlCoriant Ethernet Edge SwitchCoriant30-Oct-2017
24FortiGate_Firewall_VDOM_-_version_5.0.xmlFortiGate Firewall VDOM - version 5.0Fortinet30-Oct-2017
25PaloAlto_Panorama_Firewall(SshORTelnet).xmlPaloAlto Panorama Firewall(SshORTelnet)PaloAlto30-Oct-2017

Disclaimer:This web page is intended to provide you information about new Device Templates to manage your network. The information is provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind.