Adding New Users in OpManager MSP

Types of Users in OpManager MSP:

1. MSP Administrator:

The MSP Administrator is the primary administrative user of the MSP. The MSP Administrator has access to the network details of all customers and can monitor/make changes to the network of any customer from the MSP central server.

2. MSP Operator:

MSP Operator is a secondary user of the MSP, who has Read Access in the product. MSP Operator can view all the customers data and Central data but restricted to view settings page. Access to the settings page and edit options are restricted.

3. Customer Administrator:

The Customer Administrator has the privilege to view, edit and deleted data of selected customers. Restricted by adding Users, adding Customers and adding Probes and not allowed to do any operations in Central.

4. Customer Operator:

Customer Operator has Read Access for the selected Customers data, but is restricted from viewing the settings page and is not allowed to do any operations in Central. The Customer Operator is however, allowed to perform some write operations like Acknowledge, UnAcknowledge Alarms, Create Custom Dashboards, etc.

Adding Users in OpManager MSP:

Step 1: To add users in OpManager MSP, launch the OpManager MSP Web Console and go to Settings -> User Management.

Step 2: Click on the 'Add User' button on the top right.

Step 3: Choose Role of the user - MSP Administrator/MSP Operator/Customer Administrator/Customer Operator.

Step 4: Select User Type - Local Authentication/ Radius Authentication/AD Authentication.

Step 5: Enter the desired 'User Name', 'Password' (Re-type Password), 'Email id' and click on 'Next'.

Step 6: Select 'All Customers' if the user needs to have control over all customers or select 'Selected Customers' if the user has to have access only a selected set of customers and select the desired customers.

Note: If the user role is MSP Administrator or MSP Operator then the 'All Customers' option is chosen by default. If the user role is Customer Administrator or Customer Operator, then the desired customers need to be selected.

Step 7: Click 'Save'.