OpManager MSP Architecture

OpManager MSP, a holistic multi-tenant network monitoring solution is well-equipped to serve the need of every managed service provider with its probe-central architecture. OpManager MSP supports multiple probes for monitoring each customer's network environment.

OpManager MSP consists of two distinct server components - OpManager MSP Probe and OpManager MSP Central.


OpManager MSP Central:

The MSP Central server is the component installed in the central MSP location from where the MSP administrator can monitor all the distributed customer networks over LAN⁄WAN. The MSP Central server provides a unified console with a bird's eye view of all probes deployed at various customer locations, simplifying the task of the MSP administrator.

OpManager MSP Probe:

Probes are installed in remote customer locations and are registered with the MSP Central server, from where they are managed by the MSP administrator. The Probes discover, map, monitor, and detect faults in the customer network that they are configured to monitor and report the findings to the MSP Central server. OpManager MSP eliminates the need to have a local administrator present at each client location; you can manage all client networks remotely. OpManager MSP probes work in a uni-directional model. That is, the flow of information is only from the probe to the central server and not the other way around. Hence, the need to leave your ports and traffic to be open can be eliminated, thereby taking the security concerns out of the equation.

Multi-probe support:

OpManager MSP supports a multi-probe structure for each customer. For an enterprise customer, it becomes difficult for MSPs to keep up with the pace of the customer's expansion across multiple global locations. OpManager MSP's multi-probe support allows MSPs to solve the scalability and monitoring needs of enterprise customers that have a distributed network spread across multiple locations. With OpManager MSP, a separate probe can be installed at each network location and each probe reports back to the MSP Central server, enabling unified monitoring from a central location.

Notifications Server:

The Notification Server is a component that is present in the MSP Central server. Communication between the MSP Central and Probe server is usually one-way unless an on-demand task like restarting a server/device is initiated. In this case, the Notification Server communicates with MSP Central and coordinates the action in the respective probe server. Apart from these OpManager MSP's notification server also allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Probes are connected beyond the firewall thereby enhancing security.
  2. Probe's webclient need not be exposed to the internet.
  3. No need for a dedicated VPN connectivity between the customer environement and MSP's data center.
  4. No need to leave the customer firewall ports open.

With OpManager MSP's probe-central architecture with multi-probe support, MSPs can monitor all customer network locations spread across multiple countries, operating in multiple time zones, all from a single unified console, 24x7.